CompTIA Server+

This course builds on existing professional experience with personal computer hardware support to present the next tier of skills & concepts students will use on the job when administering any type of network server.

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for IT professionals such as PC, desktop, and help desk technicians who have experience supporting PC hardware who wish to make the transition to become server hardware and support specialists. This course is also designed for existing server managers who are preparing to take the CompTIA Server+ Exam SKO-005.

Course Objectives

On course completion, participants will be able to:

  • Manage server hardware.
  • Install server hardware and operating systems.
  • Configure networking hardware and protocols.
  • Perform basic server configuration tasks.
  • Create a virtual server environment.
  • Administer servers.
  • Implement server storage solutions.
  • Secure the server.
  • Plan and test disaster recovery.
  • Troubleshoot server issues.


1 - Understanding Server Administration Concepts

  • Understand Server Administration Concepts
  • Understand Troubleshooting Methods
  • Manage Licenses

2 - Understanding Virtualization and Cloud Computing

  • Understand Virtualization Concepts
  • Understanding Cloud Concepts
  • Understand On-Premises versus Cloud Deployments

3 - Understanding Physical and Network Security Concepts

  • Understand Physical Security Concepts
  • Understand Network Security Concepts

4 - Managing Physical Assets

  • Understand Asset Management Concepts
  • Manage Documentation

5 - Managing Server Hardware

  • Manage the Physical Server
  • Administer the Server and Storage
  • Troubleshoot Server Hardware

6 - Configuring Storage Management

  • Manage Storage
  • Troubleshoot Storage

7 - Installing and Configuring an Operating System

  • Install an Operating System
  • Configure Storage
  • Configure Network Settings
  • Use Scripts to Configure Servers

8 - Troubleshooting OS, Application, and Network Configurations

  • Troubleshoot an Operating System and Applications
  • Troubleshoot Network Configurations

9 - Managing Post-Installation Administrative Tasks

  • Understand Secure Administration Practices
  • Manage Server Functions
  • Configure Server Hardening

10 - Managing Data Security

  • Understand Data Security Concepts
  • Manage Data Security
  • Troubleshoot Data Security

11 - Managing Service and Data Availability

  • Manage Data Backup and Restore
  • Manage High Availability
  • Manage Disaster Recovery

12 - Decommissioning Servers

  • Decommission Servers