Training Grants by Province/Territory


**Please note that MicroAge Training does not currently offer training in French. Courses are available in English, only. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Applying for a Grant

If you are interested in using a grant to subsidize your training costs:

Please visit the website for the grant you are applying for to see if you and/or your organization are eligible to use these grants.

MicroAge Training cannot submit grant applications on your behalf, but our training team can help with providing information about our programming that you may need to fill out your application. Please contact us if you require information from us to complete your application.

You can also contact us to request a quote for available MicroAge Training packages that may meet the eligibility criteria for the grant you are applying for. Availability of these packages is limited, so please contact us right away for a quote. Be sure to include which grant you are applying for, as grant eligibility may differ from province to province.