Who is MicroAge Training?

MicroAge front door with a balloon archMicroAge Training is a division of MicroAge Regina, an IT service provider in Saskatchewan, Canada. MicroAge has been offering training solutions through MicroAge Training for over 25 years.

At the start of MicroAge Training’s inception, training was only available in-person to locally-based students. Eventually, MicroAge Regina moved into a new, larger building that became our head office. With moving to our new facility, we decided to bring our training division into the head office and outfitted two training classrooms to continue to accommodate in-person learning.

Our training classrooms come with dual-monitor set-ups that are required for courses. Each computer will be loaded with the lab environment and practice files for students to work with, guided by instructors. Our online students receive the same resources over email and we recommend a dual monitor set-up for online students. For more information on what you need to attend training, click here.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everyone had to quickly adapt to an increasingly digital world, MicroAge Training rose to the occasion to offer online learning.

The biggest highlight of our eLearning model is our courses are lead by live instructors. The objective of having our online courses lead by instructors is for students to get the same great experience, whether they are attending online or in-person.

We believe that having courses being live and instructor-led give students the opportunity to ask questions then and there, receive expert instruction, and get the fullest eLearning experience possible.

MicroAge Training can accommodate fully in-person, fully online, or hybrid courses where there is a mix of students in-person and online. It is important to us to be flexible enough to meet your organization’s learning needs, but still consistent in delivering a fully-fleshed out and valuable learning experience.